Knowledge is the Best Defense

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When panic ensues, educate yourself. This not only will help you in the short term but the long term prevention as well. Far too often we start thinking about our health only when it’s compromised or threatened. The obvious panic of Covid-19 is a very clear example of this. 

Now, I’m not a doctor professional, just a guy who has spent years living and searching for balance from a physical standpoint. I have always worked hard and played hard but what you don’t see is my rest and prevention in between. I believe it is crucial to know where your body is from an immune and blood work perspective at all times. If I see anything creeping up towards the too high or too low mark, (my doctor would say my bloodwork is perfect at this point), I jump into action and return balance and homeostasis to my body. To me this is just common sense to be my own medical advocate. In doing so I’m constantly researching because my body is constantly changing. I’m not the 22 year old I sometimes feel like I am anymore so I adapt for my 40’s. 

All of this to say, I encourage everyone to see the panic today and work towards wellness everyday to give you and your family the best support during unfortunate times like this. I’m afraid to say I believe this isn’t going to be the first of these outbreaks that hit home as new viruses are emerging every day as the climate changes. Remember, your body follows your mind and your mind is more powerful than you think. Hold a strong, positive, mental state and watch how that can shape your experience. Where do you think praying over food comes from? Back when expiration dates and refrigeration didn’t exist your dinner could easily kill you. Prayer can set up your mind to believe and trust that a higher entity will cleanse the food to keep you safe and nourished. 

So here is what I’m doing in addition to my daily balancing of wellness and life. Do what you want with this information again, I am not a doctor. 

Daily, I am taking my Turkey Tail mushroom powder, Vitamin C, elderberry (normally I would take syrup but its all sold out), D3+K2. These are all great support for my immune system and may just be enough to kick it into high gear to avoid the worst!

If this ends up closer to home (which is basically now) I will start taking my Quick Defense right away. This is higher, more concentrated doses of immune supporting herbs. Colloidal silver as well will help act as an herbal antibiotic. Waiting until you feel sick might be too late with the virus already taking hold where you don’t want it. 

Finally if I start to feel any sign of sickness I will take the oregano oil to address directly any bacteria that may be collecting there in my throat or chest. Oregano oil can deplete your good bacteria which is needed for immune support so I always am careful about when I go full on with this. 

All of these fabulous products are linked to where you can purchase should you want to jump on this like me. 

The one last but most important takeaway is that sourcing of these products is #1! All herbs are not created equal and  you always want to trust where your company is sourcing their ingredients. Yes these products can add up but if you purchase a lesser quality you might as well throw your money down the drain. I trust and use these that I’m sharing with you on purpose so that you have a good starting point and frame of reference for quality. 

God bless, be safe! One love.

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