Wah Gwan® All Purpose Seasoning

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Uplevel your cooking with one seasoning - good on everything.


Wah Gwan® is the first and last seasoning you will ever need to own.  If you're like us you are not satisfied with the status quo when it comes to flavor. Wah Gwan® was made for the home chef knowing that you come with the passion and technique and we just take it up a level!

Mild heat, if you are looking for more of a kick check out Wah Gwan® HOT.

Our Wah Gwan® blends are 100% all natural


Marinades and rubs

Combine Wah Gwan® with olive oil and salt to taste for use as a marinade on meat and vegetables. To use as a dry rub, liberally coat your meat or proteins with Wah Gwan®.

Seasoning in cooking

Wah Gwan® is so versatile it can be used in any style of cooking. From Caribbean to Italian, Wah Gwan® is meant to be the feature flavor or as a supporting spice to achieve your desired taste. It will give you a head start on flavor for every dish.

Finishing seasoning

Top your eggs, your sandwich, your salads with Wah Gwan®. This adds flavor to every bite effortlessly.


Ingredients: Paprika, garlic powder, peppers, onion powder, proprietary herbs and organic rice hulls to prevent caking

Does not contain nuts, gluten, dairy or any artificial colors or flavors


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