The Reality of Becoming an Entrepreneur

Marcus looking in the mirror

Ever since I stepped away from steamfitting I have time to relax, golf, read all of those books on my shelf and travel. ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Despite how things may look on social media or what quitting a regular work schedule sounds like, my days are probably more stressful and packed now then ever – and I wouldn’t want it any other way. 

I say this because I seem to be having this conversation a lot lately and it got me thinking. What you don’t see or know is so much more than what is visible. Being an entrepreneur comes with all of the hidden work and constant learning of new things – stretching me so far outside of my comfort zone that I have forgotten what being comfortable feels like. What I want to stress more than anything is being an entrepreneur is the title you receive after 10’s of thousands of hours over 20+ years of honing a craft, committing to a passion, and doing it over and over despite how not cool it is at times and THEN turning it into a business. We live in a world where there are so many amazing ways to make fast money. This is not one of them.

My passion for cooking started taking shape when I was about 25. I was a full time steamfitter who would leave work or the bar after work and instead of going to the club that night or staying out I would open the textbook from a well known culinary institute and chop 100 onions. The next night that might be peppers. I spent years just learning to get the fundamentals down. The greater challenge was then trying to figure out what to cook with chopped volume as to not waste it! From there it would be studying or spending nights awake just reading about cooking techniques and then applying them every chance I could get. This stayed my secret most of my life with only my very close family knowing I was this passionate and obsessed about the culinary arts.  

I know I was called and destined to work with food but you better believe I did not just wake up one day and know how to cook. It is so easy to compare yourself to what others are doing or get inspired, which is great, we need to talk more about the work though. I think we are creating a real smoke and mirrors scenario for our kids who only know social media as an information delivery system. They only see the trailer they never get the full film. 

I encourage everyone to pursue their dreams and being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone and that is ok too. For example this is what one day of my week looks like – pay attention to how much of this is cooking and hanging out!

A day in my life with Wah Gwan®

  • 4 am – wake up, workout and hit the steam room
  • 6 am – drive an hour and a half to the city to shoot a quick ad on a friends roof grilling steaks, drive home. 
  • 7am – morning meetings from my phone
  • Answering emails
  • 12 pm – go to the Wah Gwan® warehouse and pack orders, gather inventory
  • 3 pm – look at potential retail space 
  • Edit video ad and send for feedback 
  • Contact accountant – scan 30 documents and send 
  • Schedule 3 meetings for later in the week
  • Book flights for following week to FL
  • 7 pm – financial meeting 
  • 8 pm dead asleep 

And this is just my part, my partner and wife is behind the scenes doing everything else based on her 20+ years of experience while working full time. 

This isn’t a complaint or said to discourage you, just a reality for those that are looking to follow this path. A lot of what I am doing I will obviously be able to hire for as we grow but it also can’t stress enough how important it is to know how to do every aspect of your business before delegating. This has had me on the fast track of learning for sure.

We would love for everyone to be a part of what we do and to create opportunity for you all. We have some really great things coming soon to share so stay tuned. We got you. 

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